Victoria’s has moved!

In embroidery, knitting, michigan, quilting, sewing, yarn shops on August 31, 2010 at 8:23 am

I happened to be visiting Sister’s in Quilting in Marlettle this weekend and picked up a Country Register.  I spotted and ad for Vitoria’s Sewing & Heirloom Supplies.  I’ve been longing to stop in and check out this store for some time but I never seemed to be passing by at a time when it was open in Port Huron.  Now they’re new location is in Lexington!  My favorite “up-north” place to be.  Since I was already up there I decided to check it out.  Her new address is 6894 Lakeshore Road, Lexington Heights, MI.  Just accross the street from the Worth Township Offices on M25 and a little north of the water tower there.

I plugged the address into my GPS and headed down M25. ( I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it.  That’s the reason for the GPS.)  I found it after one wrong turn into the lumber yard parking lot next door…then almost getting run down by a semi when I was hopping over to the correct lot.  (that was close!)  I finally arrived!

They had a wonderful “moving” sale going on and I was able to select over 38 different yards of quality quilt fabric for $2 a yard!  A great opportunity for my church project.  The owner is still in the process of unpacking and organizing and  the little shop is starting to shape up.  She still has the quality quilting fabrics and Brother, Janome and Juki sewing machines too.  Now, at her new location she will also be offering yarns and classes in Knitting and crochet!   Her new hours are perfect for all of us weekend visitors too – Thursday through Monday 10a-6pm.

I’m very happy about this.  Since Lexington is my “happy place” and there hasn’t been a quilt shop there for a couple of years, this is a wonderful addition to the area.  I know I’ll be a regular customer!  I wonder if she’ll be a part of the “Quilt Festival” Lexington is planning for next spring?  Don’t forget to check out the shop when you’re up for the fall colors next month.


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